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Please listen to the prompts and press the appropriate ; only if you do not hear the prompt needed, press 0 for Master Control. Thank you. It allowed a select group of inmates to be employed in the community and housed during non-working hours in the institutions. A community residential program was established in The fall of saw construction begin on a new bed institution.

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Master of Science in Natural Resource Sciences including specializations in.

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Doctorate of Philosophy in Natural Resource Sciences including specializations in. Selected Publications Benson, J. Conserving Ecological Roles of top predators in isolated mountains. Ecological Applications.

Online Benson, J. Survival and competing mortality risks of mountain lions in a majormetropolitan area. Survival and competing mortality risks of mountain lions in a major metropolitan area, 6.

Extinction vortex dynamics of top predators isolated by urbanization. Online Raynor, E. Anthropogenic noise does not surpass land cover in explaining habitat selection of Greater Prairie-Chicken Tympanuchus cupido.

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The C Online Benson, J. Benson, J. Juvenile survival, competing risks, and spatial variation in mortality risk of a marine apex predator. Ungulate predation and ecological roles of wolves and coyotes in eastern North America.

Online McLaren, A. Multi-scale habitat selection by cow moose Alces alces at calving sites in central Ontario. Canadian Journal of Zoology Demographic, genetic, and landscape interactions threaten viability of a large carnivore in a major metropolitan area.

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Proceedings of the Royal Online Benson, J. Population and individual-level resource selection patterns of mountain lions preying on mule deer along an urban-wildland gradient. PLOS-One 11 7 : e Online Little, A. Conner, L. Survival and cause-specific mortality of female Eastern wild turkeys in 2 longleaf pine savannas.

Wildlife Biology Online Patterson, B. Does predation influence of predation on seasonal and diel timing of moose calving in Ontario. PLOS-One 11 4 : e Spatial overlap, proximity, and habitat-use by Individual wolves within the same packs.

Spatiotemporal variation in selection of ro influences mortality risk for canids in an unprotected landscape. Oikos Resource selection by wolves at dens and rendezvous-sites in Algonquin Park, Canada. Biological Conservation R, Mahoney, P. A protected area influences genotype-specific survival and the structure of a Canis hybrid zone.

Ecology Cover Article. Online Gardner, C. Movement patterns and space use of maternal grizzly bears influence cub survival in Interior Alaska. Ursus Improving rigor and efficiency of use-availability habitat selection analyses with systematic estimation of availability.

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Methods in Ecology and Evolution Genetic and environmental influences on pup mortality risk for wolves and coyotes within a Canis hybrid zone. Inter-specific territoriality in a Canis hybrid zone: spatial segregation between wolves, coyotes, and hybrids. Oecologia Canadian Journal of Zoology.

Obbard, M. Moose-calf mortality in central Ontario, Canada. Journal of Wildlife Management Spatial genetic and morphologic structure of wolves and coyotes in relation to environmental heterogeneity in a Canis hybrid zone.

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Molecular Ecology Online Murray, D. L, Hussey, K. Assessment of status and viability of a moose population at the southern range limit in Ontario. F, Hostetler, J. Intentional genetic introgression influences survival of adults and sub-adults in a small, inbred felid population.

Natal den selection by Florida panthers.

Online Land E. Space use, movements, survival, and reproduction of reintroduced female Louisiana black bears. Cub adoption by a translocated female Louisiana black bear. Food habits of Louisiana black bears Ursus americanus luteolus in 2 subpopulations of the Tensas River Basin. American Midland Naturalist Regulation of space use in a solitary felid: population density or prey availability?

Animal Behaviour Use of cover and response to cover type edges by female Sierra Nevada red foxes in winter. Western North American Naturalist Land tenure and occupation of vacant home ranges by bobcats Lynx rufus. Journal of Mammalogy Download file. Ecological applications: a publication of the Ecological Society of Ame. Keiter, D. Raynor, E. The C. McLaren, A. Proceedings of the Royal. Little, A. Patterson, B. Wildlife Society Bulletin Gardner, C. Murray, D. Journal of Animal Ecolog.

Land E. Investigator s John Benson.