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Finding out that your child is struggling with addiction is heartbreaking regardless of their age, but confronting an adult son or daughter about their substance use comes with its own set of unique challenges. While there may be no cure for addiction, recovery is possible, and your son or daughter can go on to live a life free from addiction. Your unwavering love and support could provide the push they need to pursue sobriety. However, knowing how to best help your child is important.

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Some of the features on CT. Find a vaccination site near you at ct. E-Mail us: DCF. COVID ct. Outgoing and silly, with a desire to make others smile and laugh, are some of the first things which come to mind when describing year-old Cynthia. This delightful young lady is ready to a family where she can belong; and be loved, for a lifetime. This beautiful girl of African American descent is described by her classroom teacher as being "delightfully sassy.

Overall healthy, Cynthia does require daily medications due to a seizure disorder. However, her condition is well controlled and does not impact her day to day enjoyment. Just like any other little girl, Cynthia enjoys doing arts and craft projects and her favorite gift this past holiday season was a bead kit to make a unicorn bracelet. She can concentrate for hours when planning her des and color schemes. Cynthia loves to watch movies and enjoys dancing around, listening to music and singing aloud.

She has a cheerful disposition and has successfully ended clinical services as she is able to express herself and make her needs known in age appropriate Adult wants love CT. She has contact with some biological family members, and these important relationships will need to be sustained as they are a part of her heart.

This precious girl has been in temporary family settings for quite some time and she deserves a family who will offer her the stability and unconditional love only a permanent family can provide. She needs the opportunity to celebrate her childhood, and her family will enjoy watching Cynthia grow into a confident and caring young woman. For information about Cynthia contact Denise Lopez: Denise.

Lopez ct. Overall healthy, Aiyanna has a peanut allergy and is prescribed an epi-pen.

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Due to trauma she has experienced, she attends clinical support; and this will continue, preferably with a patient and loving family involved, to help her understand her past. A home where she can have her own bedroom will enable Aiyanna to feel safe and respected. She is actively involved in addressing her trauma; and with time and positive supports, there is great potential for Aiyanna to flourish as a resilient and independent young lady.

Although well loved by her foster mom, Aiyanna is aware this is not where she will grow up and she is wonders who will raise her. She deserves a family who will emotionally commit to her for a lifetime and be by her side as she learns about her past and plans for her future. She is who should worry about making friends and having fun; not worrying about whether or not she has a family.

She describes herself as "kind, funny and helpful" and she would love to share these traits with a family.

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For information about Aiyanna contact Alexandria Ingleton: alexandria. Lyliana, who likes to be called "Lyli," is a resilient and independent young lady who aspires to become a lawyer someday. She is on the cusp of adolescence and needs just the right family to provide her with the structure; yet independence, this time of her life requires.

She has relationships with some biological family members and has expressed her desire to stay in Connecticut and maintain these connections. As with most year-olds, Lyli can be somewhat of a puzzle. At some moments she is amazingly self-sufficient and has above-average life skills. She knows how to cook and clean and operate any household appliance. However, in other moments, she craves the one to one attention of adults, and seeks to be nurtured and comforted.

Because of past traumatic experiences and a chaotic living environment, Lyli can become anxious when feeling events are out of control and her emotional needs tend to get the best of her. However, with clinical supports in place, she is making great strides in learning better ways to express herself and cope with things which require patience and time. With a family by her side, to support and encourage her, she can relax and allow her sweet and engaging personality shine through.

As she has much to look forward to growing up, Lyli has been making an effort in school and has recently made first honors after the first semester of her freshman year in high school. She would love to enter a school where they offer a cheerleading squad or a volleyball team; two life experiences she wishes to have but her current school does not provide. She can express herself through her art and she enjoys singing. When describing her ideal family, Lyli first envisions a single mom, or two moms, and she respectfully declines a home where men reside. As a youth who is bi-lingual in both the Spanish and English languages, Lyli would enjoy having a family share Adult wants love CT Puerto Rican descent, but this is not mandatory for her.

This young lady deserves a family who will commit to her for a lifetime and walk by her side as she flourishes and becomes the most successful version of herself. For information about Lilyana contact Jane Pertillar: Jane.

Pertillar ct. This loveable, happy baby has a smile which lights up the room. He has very fair skin with crystal clear blue eyes. His face is "all cheeks" and his overall demeanor is happy and cuddly.

He only cries when overtired and he loves to play with toys; especially those that make noise!! He has two teeth, is a good sleeper who takes about three short naps a Adult wants love CT and sleeps all through the night. He has just started sitting up and he still struggles with mouth-feeding, so his nutrition is provided through a G-Tube. Jeremy exercises during 'tummy time' and enjoys sitting up in his walker so he can be nosey and see all the happenings going on!

Jeremy is a sweet and lovable little boy who will benefit from a family willing to learn about his unique needs and give him the time and attention he so richly deserves. A family considering Jeremy will be provided a higher level of training and support to help him grow and flourish and his current caregivers will be able to provide a wealth of knowledge to a new family.

There is great potential for this little man and his chosen family will benefit from loving this very special boy. Playing with her dolls or doing any type of creative drawing activities make Elizabeth happy. She is a typical child who loves to play dress up and have her nails polished.

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Her chatty nature along with a vivid personality makes her fun to be around. Elizabeth is currently in the 2nd grade, and with supports in school, she has the capacity to do well.

Around the home, Elizabeth like to be a helper. She can be relied upon to dust the furniture and she also enjoys being outside helping with yard work; especially planting flowers. She loves any type of family activity such as going to the library or out to eat.

Because of the chaotic environment in which she had been raised, Elizabeth became anxious as she had no control over what was going on around her.

She developed maladaptive coping skills to feel as if she had some control over her environment and clinical supports remain in place to help her learn better ways to express herself. She craves being the sole focus of adults and a family with no other children-or ificantly older children- would be the best fit for her.

A feeling of safety from a dedicated adult will allow Elizabeth the freedom to feel emotionally relaxed. A family able to provide Elizabeth with loving consistency, where she can feel a sense of nurturing structure and positive control, will benefit from getting to know this resilient child who has much to look forward to as she grows up. Meet year-old Julie, a beautiful young lady of mixed racial descent who is of African American and Caucasian heritage.

As she is not yet legally free for adoption, Julie is not her real name however, what is real, is her need for a family to commit to her for a lifetime.

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Swimming and hiking are favorite pastimes for Julie, and she would love an active family who shares some of her interests. She enjoys being around animals and would appreciate having pets in her home.

As with most adolescent girls she enjoys watching movies, shopping and dressing up. Being a typical teenager, Julie craves a family who will take the time to understand her; even when it seems she is uninterested. Due to her trauma history, Julie's ideal family would be one who is stable and patient, willing to accept clinical assistance to understand the impact trauma has on a young lady.

A family where she can receive a parents' or older siblings undivided attention would allow her to grow and mature while having positive role models. Internalizing her emotions makes it hard to know what Julie is feeling "in the moment," and with consistency and patience, she has the ability to connect and express herself. For relaxation she enjoys drawing and painting unicorns. Much like any other child, she deserves a loving family who will provide her with unconditional love, support and guidance.

Academics are a strength for Julie. She is an honor student who is intellectually curious and loves a challenge. Writing is something in which she excels and enjoys. Developing positive friendships and social skills at school are Adult wants love CT in which Julie continues to improve. Having been bullied in school, this is taking some time, but her potential is enormous.

She has been told that she would make a good attorney or physician one day. This young lady has enormous potential to grow into a thriving adult. She would love an opportunity to experience new activities and see new places; and longs to have a family by her side, sharing these events. Amari is a sweet 10 year old little boy who has a great attitude and a love of the outdoors.

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When it is nice outside he enjoys playing in tents; but if it is a rainy day, he is content to be inside, simply watching the rain fall. Amari would do best with an adoptive family, or a visiting resource, who has a lot of patience, an interest in learning language and an awareness of caring for children with autism.

Sensing danger is not an ability Amari has, so when he is playing and running outside, he needs a safe environment. Watching for oncoming traffic, helping him to go up and down stairs or recognizing when he places himself in risky situations are particular ways a loving family could assist Amari in having everyday childhood experiences.

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Some of his excess energy could be spent swinging on a swing, jumping on a trampoline and taking long walks. A family who is willing to be strong advocates for Amari and who will continue the positive relationships he has with some biological family members, will be rewarded by caring for this sweet-natured little boy. For information about Amari contact Denise Lopez: denise. Described as both shy and energetic, 15 year old Jesus is a young man who wants to grow up in a family where he can explore the world around him.

This inquisitive young man asks a lot of questions to assure his surroundings are safe and although initially reserved, once he warms up he can be quite engaging. Jesus is a bundle of energy, can be playful, has become more social with others and loves to attempt to do many things at once.