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Clubhouse and Picnic area may be reserved for parties only by Homeowners year round.

The Lifeguard will be provided by Safewater Management. The of lifeguards will be determined by the of people in your party and whether your guests consist of children or adults. For parties of 25 or less, a minimum of 2 Lifeguards is required. For parties of 25 or more, more Lifeguards may be required. Consult Safewater Management for the of Lifeguards are required for the size of your party. Parties will be capped at 75 swimmers.

If your party s are larger River Oaks Pool booked with Safewater Management, Inc. Lifeguards will be paid by the Homeowner obtaining the rental. Checks must be sent to Safewater Management to reserve your date and Lifeguards. Please take a few minutes to examine these rules carefully.

The gate to the pool should remain closed at all times, even during lifeguard hours. Homeowners should not open gates for persons including homeowners that do not have their key card.

To gain access to the pool one must obtain a Pool Key Card to enter the pool. You must obtain a Key Card from the facilities manager, Charlotte Boswell.

More information on Key Card access can be found at the bottom of the in the appropriate PDF document. Homeowners and non-resident summer membership members will have key access to the pool from April 2nd through October 15th and use the pool from the hours of AM — PM there will be no key access during swim team practices, weekdays, 8 AM AM, June 1st — July 16th. Key access cards can be purchased from the Facility Manager. Key card access will require the user to an indemnification waiver. Waivers can be found on the Association web site, www.

All users during non-lifeguard hours must be 18 years of River Oaks Pool or older or accompanied by an adult Person 18 years of age or older. On Mondays, the pool will remain closed for cleaning. The pool will be open to homeowners during any private party, but homeowners and summer memberships are asked to respect the use of the pool by the party participants. Lifeguards must be hired for these events by the homeowner renting the pool. Please access the subdivision web site to see the rules and regulations for booking parties. Weekend coverage: Sat. The Pool rules are posted at the pool. Pool rules should be followed at all times.

Pool birthday, etc parties are permitted during lifeguard hours but they must be limited to 20 Twenty people or less where the non-resident guest are limited to For these parties, if needed, the clubhouse can be used by renting using the normal reservation rental agreement.

This applies to both residents and non-resident Summer memberships. Depending on the people and the time requested in Pool season an additional lifeguard maybe required. Non-resident Summer members may book small parties only during lifeguard hours. Notification to Pool Manager is required during lifeguard hours and non-lifeguard hours in order to avoid overlapping of parties due to limited space.

Please limit your activities other than swimming to the picnic area.

In the event that the party is outside of lifeguard contract hours, the clubhouse is not available unless booked and paid for. The pool and clubhouse are closed for maintenance on Mondays during summer months. Group and private lessons will be available as early as May. Our program offers swim instruction at its finest. The Racers swim team was created in to serve the needs of developing swimmers living in the subdivision and who are ready to learn competitive swimming strokes and improve their overall skills.

Swim team is the best way to improve swimming skills after has advanced beyond swimming lessons. For information on swim team and swim lessons at River Oaks, you can contact Charlotte Boswell at hoolihancharlotte yahoo.

Please give details of your request in your or message. The Tennis Court were resurfaced in May of The nets were cleaned and hung according current Tennis rules. The surfaces of the Tennis Courts are now the same as the courts used at the Australian Open. We hope all enjoy using the courts.

Please follow all rules listed at the Tennis Courts so they will remain in good shape for all to enjoy. The courts are for the use of River Oaks homeowners and immediate family only. The Board of Directors has a policy to keep the tennis courts locked when not in use River Oaks Pool an Association member or a member of their immediate family. The courts are for members and their immediate family only. Non — members can use the courts, but they must be accompanied by a member.

The loaning of a key to a non-resident is prohibited If an unaccompanied non-members using the courts who apparently have obtained a key from a member, they will be asked to leave the courts and return the key if they are found using the courts. The Board asks for your cooperation in this matter. Keys to the facility can be obtained from any Board member or you can contact Charlotte Boswell at hoolihancharlotte yahoo. Keys will also be issued to any member sponsoring a tennis team. The use of the tennis courts are on a first come —first served basis.

If other players are waiting for a court to play, please rotate playing time of the courts. Please remember that tennis courts are for tennis only — basketball, baseball, roller blades, scooters and bicycles are prohibited.

If you use the tennis courts, it is your responsibility to clean the tennis court area. Empty trash containers attached to nets when full. Put trash in the Waste Management containers provided making sure the top is secured. If the garbage can is full, please notify GNO Property at Please report any unauthorized use of the tennis courts to any Board Member or you can contact the Facility Manager, Charlotte Boswell at or DJ Audibert at Below are PDF documents for all the Information you may need for use or rental of the pool and Clubhouse:. Clubhouse and Pool Rules Updated 2.

Clubhouse Party Reservation Process Effective 2. Rental Agreement — Clubhouse and Pool Updated 2.

Clubhouse Complimentary Use Agreement Updated 2. Use of Tennis Courts Effective Updated 2. Key Card — Fob System Updated 3. Key Access Resident Waiver — Updated 6.