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The sixth bullet point had been omitted by mistake on The text shall read as follows:. Table of Contents. Evolution of trade.

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This set-up exploits the stable and radioactive heavy-ions beams delivered by the cyclotron accelerator complex of GANIL.

In this paper, the de and the mechanical characteristics of the set-up are described. Bajeat, O. The SPIRAL2 project is under construction and is being de for using different production methods as fission, fusion or spallation reactions to cover a large area of the chart of nuclei. It will produce among others neutron rich beams obtained by the fission of uranium induced by fast neutrons.

The facility is currently under construction and the first beam is expected in early NFS will have a white neutron source covering the MeV energy range with a neutron flux higher than comparable facilities. A quasi-mono-energetic neutron beam will also be available. In these energy ranges, especially above 14 MeV, there is a large demand for neutron-induced data for a wide range of applications involving dosimetry, medical therapy, single-event upsets in electronics and nuclear energy.

We propose to install experimental equipment for measuring neutron-induced light-charged particle production and fission relative to the H n, p cross section. Both the H n, p cross section and the fission cross section for U are important reference cross sections used as standards for many other experiments.

Nuclear data for certain key elements, such as closed shell nuclei, are also of relevance for the development of nuclear reaction models. Our primary intention is to measure charged particle production protons, deuterons and alphas from 12C, 16O, 28Si and 56Fe and neutron-induced fission cross sections from U and Th.

Several facilities or apparatus for the synthesis and spectroscopy of the Super-Heavy Nuclei SHN are presently under construction in the world, which reflect the large interest for this region of extreme mass and charge, but also for the need of even more advanced research infrastructures. It will provide the needed beam rejection, mass selection and full arsenal of state-of-the art detection setups. Its coupling with AGATA will lower the spectroscopic limits for the prompt gamma-ray studies of heavy and super-heavy nuclei.

In this proceeding, these new devices will be presented along with a selected physics case.

This powerful HPGe array offers unique possibilities for the study of rare phenomena in nuclei by detailed gamma-ray spectroscopy. The physics campaign in GANIL foresees different setups, with AGATA coupled to different spectrometers, to study nuclear structure properties of nuclei all across the nuclear chart, from light nuclei to very heavy species, using stable and radioactive beams. KGaA, Weinheim. InFrance had a population of 55,, with an annual growth rate of 0.

The infant mortality rate stood at 8. Of the work force of The unemployment rate stood at France has substantial agricultural resources, a diversified modern industrial system, and a highly skilled labor force. Following the return of a socialist majority in government inseveral large manufacturing firms were nationalized along with much of the commercial banking sector. Initial socialist policies were stimulative, relying partly on income redistribution and partly on increased government spending. However, the resultant increase in import demand was not offset by an increased demand French exports.

Inan economic stabilization plan of reductions in the budget deficit, involving spending cuts, increased taxes, and tighter monetary and credit policies, was successfully implemented. Although current economic policies should promote stronger growth over the Seeking single women Les Cedres to long term, trade competitiveness remains weak and high unemployment is a major social problem.

So far, the data collected with three isotopes have enabled to determine, for the first time, the charge state distributions of the recoiling ions, induced by shakeoff process. In applied areas SPIRAL2 is considered as a powerful variable energy neutron source, a must to study the impact of nuclear fission and fusion on materials. The intensities of these unstable species are excellent opportunities for new tracers and diagnostics either for solid state, material or for radiobiological science and medicine.

Under the 7FP program of European Union. Theory Institute for Physics with Exotic Nuclei.

It was dedicated to collaborative research between U. The grant provided travel and local support for visits by U. A Comprehensive transversal and observational study using surveys, without modification of practice]. HIV infection affects aboutpeople in France. In total, 30, of them are unaware of their serostatus. The aim of our study was to analyze the level of application of the recommendations during the purchase of an HIV self-test.

Our primary hypothesis was that the delivered information is poor. We realized a comprehensive transversal and observational study with surveys without modification of practice in all Caen pharmacies.

The primary endpoint was the seller's assessment of the presence or possibility of an emergency situation requiring a post-exposure prophylaxis and suitability assessment of self-testing for the patient's case. Seven pharmacies out of the 41 visited In all pharmacies, The availabality of the self-tests is linked to the main endpoint P Convergent and construct validity and test-retest reliability of the Caen Chronotype Questionnaire in six languages. Chronotype questionnaires provide a simple and time-effective approach to assessing individual differences in circadian variations.

Chronotype questionnaires traditionally focused on one dimension of chronotype, namely its orientation along a continuum of morningness and eveningness. The Caen Chronotype Questionnaire CCQ was developed to assess an additional dimension of chronotype that captures the extent to which individual functioning varies during the day amplitude.

One month later, participants again completed the CCQ. showed that the two-factor structure morningness-eveningness and amplitude of the CCQ could be replicated in all six languages.

However, measurement invariance could not be assumed regarding the factor loadings across languages, meaning that items loaded more on their factors in some translations than in others. Convergent validity was established through small-medium effect size correlations between the morningness-eveningness dimension of the CCQ and the MEQ. Taken together, our findings generally support the use of the translated versions of the CCQ.

Further validation work on the CCQ is required including convergent validation against physiological markers of sleep, health and well-being.

The mass measurement with the CSS2 cyclotron is based on a time-of-flight method along the spiral trajectory of the ions inside the cyclotron. The atomic mass excesses of 68Se and 80Y recently measured with this technique are The new mass-measurement technique with the CIME cyclotron is based on the sweep of the acceleration radio-frequency of the cyclotron. Tests with stable beams have been performed in order to study the accuracy of this newmore ยป mass-measurement method and to understand the systematic errors.

It allows to perform measurements of accurate fluence and dose maps in near real time for each biological sample irradiated. In this paper, we present the detection system, its de, performances, calibration protocol and measurements performed during radiobiology experiments.

This setup is currently available for any radiobiology experiments if one wishes to correlate one's own sample analysis to state-of-the-art dosimetric references. Chateaubriant, France. The surrounding countryside presents an interesting pattern of randomly oriented, small individual farmste. Neutron-induced fission cross sections of U and U are widely used as standards for monitoring of neutron beams and fields.

An absolute measurement of these cross sections at an absolute scale, i. The expected uncertainties are discussed. In applied areas SPIRAL2 is considered as a powerful variable energy neutron source, a must for studying the impact of nuclear fission and fusion on materials.

Project status and foreseen schedules will be presented. Study of patients with stage T1N0M0 or T2N0M0 glottic cancer treated by exclusive radiotherapy and comparison of the survival and functional of this series with those of the literature. Retrospective study of stage T1N0M0 or T2N0M0 glottic cancers diagnosed between 1st January and 31st December and treated by exclusive radiotherapy.

Evaluation of survival, recurrence and larynx preservation rates. Fifty-nine patients 53 men and sixwomen treated for glottic cancer 57 squamous cell carcinomas, two verrucous carcinomas comprising 51 T1N0M0 and eight T2N0M0 tumours.

Treatment with exclusive radiotherapy mean dose of 70 Grays limited to the thyroid cartilage for 57 patients, with lymph node irradiation for two patients. In this series, five 9. Three of the eight recurrences involved lymph nodes exclusively Ntwo patients relapsed exclusively at the primary tumour site T and three patients presented local and lymph node recurrence T and N. Treatment consisted of salvage total laryngectomy with bilateral cervical lymph node dissection in three cases, bilateral cervical lymph node dissection and sensitized radiotherapy in two cases, exclusive chemotherapy in one case, cervical lymph node dissection and cervical radiotherapy in one case.

The last patient with recurrence died prior to salvage therapy. The larynx preservation rate was All rights reserved. The cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator CFTR gene, responsible for the cystic fibrosis phenotype when both alleles are mutated, was cloned and sequenced in Since then, more than mutations have been reported in the gene, although most of these are rare.

More than CF children, chromosomes in all, have been exhaustively studied in the three centers. Despite the large diversity in the CFTR mutations occurring in CF patients from this area, these can help to improve genetic counselling, prenatal diagnosis as well as our understanding of the molecular basis of the pathophysiology of cystic fibrosis. The Spirit of France. Charles de Gaulle sought grandeur to unite France and give The war had left France with little influence in Europe and had psychologically and morally weakened the French France as a way to increase the influence base of the French state.

Influence, either perceived or real, meant power. Power represented independence. Two decades of European peace and prosperity are causing the French to reevaluate the threat from the East and to question the France has gained strength. France and NATO.

Rance has moved toward closer military cooperation with NATO as demonstrated, for example, by the subcrdination c!